Road to Recovery

September 19, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

The collection of this information is a great victory for The Initiative. It is a shining demonstration of the cooperative potential between the public and private industry. Our investigative branches have exhausted most possible leads, but we are still unclear if the pictured child is an actual representation of Employee 047’s daughter.
We have also received the results of the psychological models executed by our medical teams. Unfortunately, our deepest of fears about the mental condition of 047 have proved correct. There may be little hope in his recovery, but we refuse to concede this battle for his safety.

Our boards have proposed a method, that if followed sufficiently, may be our only hope. Through our best approximations, we believe that the familiar is the best route to his recovery. Below we have constructed an ASCII of his two beloved companions. Any individual wishing to genuinely help the impostor Norton I should strive to present him with these representations often without appearing contrived merely for this goal. Thank you for your cooperation.

With the sincerest of regards,

The Council for American Liberties

.    __
    ()'`;       __
    /\\|`   (___()'`;
   /  |    /,    /`
 (/_)_|_   \\\\"--\\\\
   We Love Bum & Laz

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