A Foolish Problem

September 26, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

Friends, a new scoundrel has emerged to threaten the livelihood of our beloved Employee 047. An unknown person we will colloquially refer to as “The Fool” has leaked internal documents belonging to The Council for American Liberties. This highly illegal and startlingly immoral act has raised unflattering attention to 047 and his downtrodden situation. This attention could attract harm from any one of a long laundry list of individuals (omitted here for brevity’s sake). The Fool must be located and educated as to the dangers of his actions. We wish nothing more than to protect Employee 047 and strongly urge anyone who has any information on “The Fool”, such as his name or telephone number, to contact us immediately.

If we work hand in hand, there is no ravine too wide for us to traverse.

With the sincerest of regards,

The Council for American Liberties


One Response to “A Foolish Problem”

  1. entropyblues Says:

    What proof do we have that you have His Emenince’s best interest at heart?

    These are potentially slanderous claims to make with no evidence.

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