A Question of Intentions

September 29, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has come to our attention that some persons question the truthfulness of our stated purpose. Perhaps they do not understand the realities of maintaining an organization as large as ourselves or the actions we must take to protect our own interests. Regardless of their ignorance, we feel that these questions must be addressed directly.

Since the conception of The Protection Initiative, we have clearly taken several benevolent steps with the sole goal of protecting Employee047 and shielding him from his condition. We would like to remind the viewing public of our release of documents that had been collected under the previous interaction policy. This information was used to reassure 047 of his position as “Emperor” and of the public’s love for him and his accepted duties. The Initiative also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars assessing the precise nature of his condition and deduced the ASCII representation to sooth and reassure. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge the public has yet to successfully present 047 with this wonderful image.

Proof of our intentions. Proof of our morality. Proof of our caring and nurturing demeanor. What have we done to warrant doubt?

With the sincerest of regards,

The Council for American Liberties


2 Responses to “A Question of Intentions”

  1. Shawn Struck Says:

    Dear COuncil,

    Not only have I offered my services, AND decoded what documents MAY or MAY NOT have been leaked in an effort to help you, BUT I also printed signed and had witnessed a Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreement between the council and myself and sent it to you at the email address YOU contacted me at.

    I have done my level best to orkway yselfmay into ishay oodgay acegray as well to help you. What more must I do?

  2. u5976u5976u7684uff0cu8fd9u5febu5c31u6df7u5230u9999u6e2fu6587u51edu3002u3002u3002u3002u3002u6211u8fd8u6709u4e00u8f88u5b50u7684u5b9eu9a8cu8981u4f5cuff0c Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/hukcoo091645

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